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With over two decades of experience as a professional photographer, working with esteemed organizations like Amazon and Getty Images, I have honed my skills and expertise. I followed this with an MSc in Digital Marketing (Distinction) in 2021 and an MRes in Business Management in 2023. I am now undertaking a PhD, all from the University of Strathclyde, Business School, Marketing Department. My journey has been a fascinating exploration of the fashion, celebrity, and media industries.

This journey positioned me at the forefront of fashion, working intimately with designers, celebrities and retailers to shape and reflect trends within the celebrity market. These experiences have deepened my understanding of visual culture and the potent role of visual communication, insights that are paramount in my role as a PhD researcher today.

Now, I research the complex intricacies of motherhood, intersectionality, and feminine ideology fuelled by the fashion, celebrity, and media alliance and how this impacts mother identity in a globalized world. My research originates in consumer culture and consumption, combined with a commitment to sustainability. 

I aspire to foster a space for knowledge-sharing and innovation while challenging our relationships with the social construction of mother identities and the pressures the fashion and beauty industry imposes on women of all backgrounds, classes, cultures, and origins.

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