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Celebrity Events

Marsaili Mainz, formerly Marsaili McGrath, was a celebrity photographer in LA from 2005 to 2009. This period saw the peak of celebrity culture's rise and the advent of social media and its highly influential transformation. Looking back, my images reveal the lived experience of Hollywood glitz and glamour—from champagne and fast cars to femininity—set against a backdrop of young women in skimpy dresses and men in suits.

Celebrity Product Placement Gifting Suites

In a society where fashion-driven consumption prevails, and celebrity culture is deeply ingrained, exploring the role of the fashion-celebrity-media alliance offers valuable insights. My images further illustrate the connection between fashion, celebrity, and the media.

Fashion Shows

The fashion show is at the core of the fashion-celebrity-media alliance. My images further illustrate the social expectations of femininity, captured through the aesthetic labour of the models backstage and the lights, camera, and action on the runway.