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 I am a highly experienced photographer specialising in consumer research. I have worked in wholesale fast-fashion “at the Coal Face” in varied roles, including Senior Photographer of Product Photography at Amazon and Getty Images in Los Angeles, where I worked for fashion designers and boutiques targeting the celebrity market. I have a strong track record for delivering innovative marketing campaigns. work across many industries from concept to delivery worldwide. I also empower your team with my knowledge so their skills grow, too.

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Senior Photographer, Amazon & Global Marketing Campaigns

I help companies with their photography, branding, marketing, and content strategies while ensuring their environmental and social footprint remains as minimal as possible. Brands in my portfolio include Amazon UK, Getty Images, Waterford Crystal, Moet and Hennessy, Hamilton & Inches, Jane Davidson, Lily Blanche, Gretna Green, DC Dalgliesh, Scott Direct, Toolstop and Corum Property.


Getty Images, LA
Celebrity Culture

The 21st century has seen an ever-growing fascination with celebrities. As Gibson (2013) articulates, celebrity culture has permeated 'every conceivable nook and cranny of our daily lives', whether we are conscious of it or not. It becomes undeniable that celebrity culture is a potentially concerning phenomenon, reflecting the profound socio-cultural impacts on spiralling consumption habits.


AI-Generated Images
Consumer Culture

The  stark dichotomy between the glamour of fashion and its hidden repercussions. My research explores how the fashion industry impacts environmental degradation and the pressure of self-presentation mother identity projects under the pursuit of perfection perpetuated by the media-fashion-celebrity alliance. The challenge lies in unravelling these complex connections to illustrate why reforming our consumption habits is vital for a sustainable and equitable future.

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